Dali Zensor 3 – Colore Noce (coppia)

Dali Zensor 3 - Colore Noce (coppia)

Zensor 3 is the newest member of the award winning ZENSOR series. This brand new speaker is developed and built to sound much larger than it actually is. Using a 7” woofer based on the technology from the ZENSOR 7 and the tweeter module from the ZENSOR 1, the ZENSOR 3 is able to recreate the high frequencies, the mid range and the low bass in the best possible way..We have designed the cabinet so that it is large enough to deliver a sufficient, controlled and deep bass and yet is small enough to be placed on a shelf or floor stand.The woofer cones are made from a blend of fine grained paper pulp reinforced with wood fibres. This mix makes the cones stiff and light which ensures that every micro detail in the signal is reproduced unfiltered.The 7” woofer increases the surface area by 15% compared to a 6.5 woofer and this helps the ZENSOR 3 to deliver the same sound pressure with much less cone excursion, leading to an effortless reproduction of the dynamics in the music.With a 4 layer voice coil magnet motor system the ZENSOR 3 produces an impressive 17% more B/L compared with speakers using the common 2 layer voice coil. A copper clad aluminum wire ensures optimal reproduction in the mid range, and the power of the magnet motor keep the bass controlled and precise.The soft dome tweeter module has over and over again proved its ability to deliver a rich and detailed sound, and the module used in the ZENSOR 3 is no exception – delivering an extended frequency response with wide dispersion and low coloration.Other Characteristics: Amplifier: Built-inAudio output channels: 1.0 channelsBass reflex: YColour of product: WalnutConnectivity technology: WiredCrossover frequency: 2600 HzDepth: 293 mmFrequency range: 50 – 26500 HzHeight: 351 mmHousing material: WoodImpedance: 6 ΩManual: YNumber of drivers: 2Quick start guide: YRecommended usage: UniversalSensitivity: 88 dBSpeaker placement: FloorSpeaker position: FrontSpeaker type: 2-wayTweeter diameter: 2.5 cmWeight: 6.3 kgWidth: 205 mmWoofer: YWoofer diameter (imperial): 17.8 cm (7″)


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  • Modello: DALI zensor 3 altoparlanti compatti
  • Colore: noce chiaro
  • Quantità: 1 Coppia

Scheda Prodotto

  • Dimensioni e/o peso: 20,5 x 29,3 x 35,1 cm ; 6,3 Kg
  • Peso di spedizione: 14,4 Kg
  • Spedizione: Questo articolo è disponibile per l’esportazione in paesi selezionati al di fuori dell’Unione Europea.
  • Numero modello articolo: DALI Zensor 3 walnut veneer