Sportline 340, Pedometro contapassi

Sportline 340, Pedometro contapassi

The Sportline 340 step and distance pedometer sits on your waist and lets you accurately count your steps and measure the distance you walk throughout the day. With its advanced pendulum design, the pedometer will record distance up to 1000 kilometres or miles in 1/100 kilometre or mile increments, and count up to 99,999 steps. This fitness device works perfectly for walking, hiking and running activities, and is a great tool for taking on goals such as walking 10,000 steps per day. You can adjust your stride length and reset the counters via the single button, and the display is easy to read.


  • Pedometro contapassi
  • Conta accuratamente fino a 99.999 passi
  • Misura esattamente la distanza percorsa

Scheda Prodotto

  • Peso articolo 41 g
  • Dimensioni prodotto 21,6 x 12,1 x 2,5 cm
  • Numero modello articolo WV3475BL
  • Colore Blu (blue)
  • Dimensioni Taglia unica
  • Stagione Tutto l’anno
  • Batterie/Pile incluse? Sì
  • Marca Sportline